Enjoy networking with other women? Have a passion for civic engagement? Learn more about our volunteer committees below, and help us build a better tomorrow! 


Responsible for annual campaigns and fundraising events, the Fund Development Committee and sub-committees work to ensure that the foundation reaches its fundraising targets in order to support existing and future program development.

Girl Engagement COMMITTEE

This committee is responsible for programs that nourish empowerment and leadership in young girls so that acts of courage continue in the legacy of the Famous Five. The committee hosts workshops and events for school-aged girls (6–18) to help them realize their vast potential for leadership.


The Legacy Committee and its sub-committees oversee programs and events designed to preserve and celebrate the story of the Famous Five. This includes Famous Five School Curriculum content, the foundation’s annual Youth Awards, and the annual "Persons" Day celebration held on October 18th. In addition, the committee plans and organizes leadership events in support of today’s female leaders, such as the Famous 5 Speakers Series and the Remarkable Leaders’ Workshop.


This committee is responsible for managing and developing the Famous 5 Foundation brand and determining concepts and strategies for all initiatives and events.


Through volunteer recruitment and succession planning, the Capacity Committee ensures that the Famous 5 Foundation has the internal capacity to achieve its goals. The Nominations sub-committee helps identify qualified candidates for Board positions.

Satellite speaker series Committees

The Famous 5 Foundation has satellite committees in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Ottawa, and Sarnia. All locations, in addition to Calgary are proud to present the Enbridge Famous 5 Speakers Series.


The Edmonton committee presents three speaker events per year.  Throughout each keynote address you will learn more about the art and strategies of successful leadership. You will gain insights that will help you deal with your own leadership dilemmas, whether you are part of a multinational corporation, small business, non-profit or government agency.

Speakers have included:

  • Michel Hecken from Alpha Translations

  • Angela Santiago from Little Potato Company

  • Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai, pediatric and adult congenital cardiologist

  • Minister Shannon Phillips, Minister Responsible for the Status of Women



The Fort McMurray committee hosts five special dinner events held to motivate and inspire women of the community to become leaders. Attendees are presented with challenging questions based on the keynote address, and given the opportunity to discuss, in small groups, how they too can make a difference in their community. Past speakers have included:

  • Major Deanna Brasseur—fighter pilot and recipient of the Order of Canada

  • Mariatu Kamara—author and child survivor of the Sierra Leone Civil War

  • Shelagh Rogers—CBC host and advocate for mental health

  • Heather Rankin—singer/songwriter of “The Rankin Family” Fame



The Ottawa committee holds a series of luncheons honouring prominent women who lead.

In April and June, events are held to celebrate women who have made contributions at the national and international levels. Past speakers have included: Louise Arbour, Hazel McCallion, Sheila Copps, Pamela Wallin, Flora McDonald, Jean Augustine, Hayley Wickenheiser, as well as female Senators.

In October, the committee hosts an annual event recognizing the recipients of the Governor General’s "Persons" Case Award.

For more information visit famous5ottawa.ca



Five keynote speakers address community and global issues.  Speakers talk candidly about their careers, and the passion, vision and determination that drive them.

In relating their lives, you will hear about challenges as well as triumphs; humorous incidents and stories of loss; humbling moments of reflection and inspiring calls to action.

Speakers have included:

  • Nancy Vonk, co-founder SWIM; a creative leadership lab and co-author of the book “Darling, You Can’t Do Both And Other Noise To Ignore On Your Way Up”

  • Carol-Lynn Chambers, Senior Officer, Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management

  • Francine Dyksterhuis, Regional President RBC

  • Kelly Williams, race car driver, business leader, entrepreneur, high school teacher

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