We are grateful for the financial, in-kind, and whole-hearted moral support of benefactors who help us celebrate past, current, and future generations of female leaders.

OUr GEnerous DONORS - 2016

$5,000 - $9,999

Gillian Lawrence
Nancy Millar


$1000 - $4999

Shauna Frederick
Donna Leonard Robb
Peggy Mann McKeown
M. Ann McCaig
Patricia Morrison
Carolyn Robertson


Renate Geprags
Melanie Pituch
Whitney Struthers
Emily Varga
Sheryl Winczura




$100 - $999

Benevity Impact Community Fund
Mona Csada
Heather Forsyth
Joan Gusa
Christy Hanson
Impact Events
Kim Isotti
Louise Klatzel-Mudry
Lynn Mandryk
Shahr Savizi
Rosalyn Schmidt
Carol Waterman
Allison Webb

Recognition levels are based on cumulative giving to the Famous 5 Foundation since
January 1, 2006.

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