Young Women of Power Conference: Redefining Beauty

  • FFCA High School 2116 Mackay Road Northwest Calgary, AB, T3B 1C7 Canada

“I am a beautiful, wise, powerful woman of principle.”

We live in a day where time and energy are spent on beauty treatments, anti-aging creams, wearing the right outfit and connecting with people of status. Meanwhile, character, the very thing that will cause you to naturally sparkle and stand out, is neglected. Superficial beauty is ever fleeting, but beauty based on character endures the test of time and it gets you CHOSEN!

YWOP 2017 is about empowering girls to REDEFINE BEAUTY. It’s not about what you look like on the outside, who your family is or where you grew up. Generosity, courage, compassion and ambition are some of the many traits that result in an undeniable beauty that cannot be hidden or contested.  This is the kind of beauty that will define this generation of women.

Our Goal: Girls will leave our conference proud to be who they are, placing a greater value on developing their character.

Alison Springer - ywop2016-0998bw (1).jpg

Conference Highlights

Keynote Speaker, Talli Osborne was born missing her arms and the bones in her legs. Her confidence and carefree attitude is contagious. The way Talli chooses to live life is redefining beauty, and will help girls to do so also.

Peterpot beatbox champion will be raising the roof on Friday night. Don’t miss it!

Ex-police officer Debra DeWaal is back with an informative yet entertaining talk on personal safety. To say she drives the message home is an understatement!

Youth Speakers Alison Springer & Jocelyn Freeman will deliver an unforgettable high impact message that will be life changing.

Famous 5 Foundation Leadership Series session is fused with Canadian history and contemporary flare that will shape young women to be confident with their voice, and become national influencers.

Participate in Interactive Workshops: Photography, Jiu-Jitsu, hair care, fashion, Inner beauty, mental toughness in sports & so much more…