Through recognizing and sharing the success stories of today’s female leaders, our Leadership Programs inspire and cultivate acts of courage in others.

Enbridge famous 5 Speaker Series

The Enbridge Famous 5 Speaker Series profiles extraordinarily successful women.  Our speakers talk candidly about their leadership journeys, and about the passion, vision and determination that drive them. They discuss our role in our society and the ethical responsibilities and consequences of our actions. 

You will hear about challenges and triumphs; stories of joy and loss; humbling moments of reflection and inspiring calls to action. Throughout each keynote address you will gain insights to help address your own leadership dilemmas, whether your work is in business, politics, education or community development. We hope you will leave feeling inspired and energized to pursue your own courageous journeys.

The Famous 5 Foundation’s Leadership Lunches were launched on Oct. 18, 1996 to bring women together to plan the celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the "Persons" Case on Oct. 18, 1999.  In 2004, Enbridge became our title sponsor. 

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The Enbridge Youth Leadership Award recognizes young people who are making a difference in our society. In the Spring of each year, five awards of $1000 each are presented during a special awards ceremony.