'Timing was everything': 100 years since first women elected to Alberta legislature

Calgary Herald - A far-flung Canadian province became the envy of suffragettes across the British Empire when two women were elected to the Alberta legislature on June 7, 1917. Louise McKinney and Roberta MacAdams won a long-sought-after victory while their counterparts from England to New Zealand celebrated the triumph, certain they were next. 

Famous 5 Foundation Creates Their Own Pledge to Support the International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity

Calgary – All around the world today people are celebrating International Women’s Day. It’s a time to reflect on what we’ve done, and what still needs to be done. In that spirit of progress and equality, the Famous 5 Foundation in Calgary is supporting women and girls everywhere with their own twist on the International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity.

VIDEO: Famous 5 showcases historic ‘pink tea’ conversations in immersive audio experience

Global News Calgary - The Famous Five Foundation partnered with a Calgary design agency to create an audio experience to those visiting the famous five statues. It’s intended to take listeners back to the pink tea conversation. Global’s Jill Croteau reports.