Famous 5 Foundation unveils new 3D audio experience in honour of “Persons” Day October 18

Calgary – The Famous 5 Foundation and Critical Mass have created an immersive audio experience using state-of-the-art binaural technology to transport at-home listeners back in time to a legendary “Pink Tea” conversation. 

Just 86 years ago, women in Canada weren’t recognized as “Persons” under the law, but five Alberta women changed that with the victory of the “Persons” Case on October 18, 1929. In doing so, the Famous Five paved the path of opportunity for future generations of women in Canada and the Commonwealth. Their work was controversial, and they hid it under the guise of dainty, inconsequential tea parties, known as “Pink Teas.” Statues depicting these now-famous meetings stand in Calgary’s Olympic Plaza and on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill. 

To share the story and make the message resonate with today’s listeners, Experience Design Agency Critical Mass placed the listener at the centre of the conversation depicted by the Famous 5 statues. A specialized 360-degree microphone and 3-dimensional binaural audio technology were used to create an immersive audio experience, which can be accessed by visiting www.famou5.ca/binaural


Famous 5 – Donna Leonard Robb - admin@famous5.ca 

Media – Noelle Aune - njaune@telus.net 

Critical Mass – Emily Bontje - emilyb@criticalmass.com


About the Famous 5 Foundation: The Famous 5 Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating leadership in Canadian women and girls, named in honour of the five Alberta women who changed the face of Canadian history for women. Learn more about the Famous 5 Foundation at famou5.ca