Today, for International Women’s Day and every day after, I pledge to help women and girls achieve their ambitions. I will break down barriers and challenge conscious and unconscious bias with courage and determination. I know the path may be difficult, but I will adventurously choose to illuminate the darkness with ingenuity, and in the light we will see things clearly and recognize the value of people equally, regardless of gender. I will never settle for the status quo, if the status quo isn’t right or fair. When we let our curiosity drive our desire to learn and grow, we will always find a better way.

This is my pledge, and it’s much more than a promise. I know it will change dreams to realities, because women and girls are courageous, adventurous, curious, ingenious and ambitious.

What will you pledge?

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I pledge to help women and girls achieve their ambitions. 
I pledge to be adventurous and challenge the status quo.
I pledge to be courageous and to fight gender inequality in all of its forms.
I pledge to be ingenious and to find new ways of building a world of parity.
I pledge to foster curiosity and the meaningful change it creates in the world

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