90th Anniversary of the ‘persons’ case: host your own "PINK TEA"

On October 18, 2019, the Famous 5 Foundation will host an event to commemorate ‘Persons’ Day and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the victory of the ‘Persons’ Case.

Why a Pink Tea?

THEN: When the Famous 5 were campaigning for women to have the right to vote and run for elected office, their suffrage meetings were disrupted by their opponents. Women traditionally held teas for the birth of children, when someone left the community or other reasons. Men didn’t attend these teas so suffragists started calling their political meetings Pink Teas and very few opponents attended.

NOW: What the Famous 5 began, we continue: pay equity, racial inequality, 2SLGBTQIA+ rights, missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women, mental health and addiction, and more. Whatever your gender, race, sexuality, age or background, we are all persons. What are you fighting for?

Join us in the celebration by hosting your very own “Pink Tea” in the weeks leading up to October 18th.

Pink Tea Kit




Join us in the celebration by hosting your very own “Pink Tea” in the weeks leading up to October 18th.

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This entertaining 3-minute video was developed to introduce school-age children to the story of the Famous 5 women, and can be used in classroom settings to kick off lessons or stimulate discussion.




Using a technique called binaural audio and specialized recording equipment, we have created a 360-degree audio experience that will transport you back in time by nearly a century to the centre of a “pink tea.”

The Famous Five Quiz

How much do you know about The Famous Five? Take the quiz! and learn more about the five courageous and idealistic Canadian women.


This is a  digital learning resource tool that contains both a Teacher Zone and Student Zone section. Edukit development represents the Foundation’s objective to develop “multimedia learning resources that directly relate to the Alberta programs of study”. 

The Famous 5: Nation Builders

Published by Famous 5 Foundation

Available in both English and French, this 24-page booklet written and published by the Famous 5 Foundation gives a historical account of each of the Famous Five, and their successful challenge of the 1929 Persons Case.

To order, contact admin@famous5.ca

“conversations of consequence”

The Famous 5 Foundation encourages teachers and students to host a "Pink Tea", in celebration of their Famous Five studies. Invite parents and other community members to join you for an afternoon tea and a “conversation of consequence”. Everyone can share their views on an issue that challenges their community. This is an excellent opportunity for students to use the knowledge they have gained during their studies, and use critical thinking skills in a debate about issues of importance.

To learn more, contact admin@famous5.ca.

The Famous Five: Their stories told in song

A musical introduction to the story of The Famous Five by a talented singer and songwriter from Alberta, Carolyn Harley.

The Famous Five: A Pivotal Moment in Canadian Women’s History

By Nancy Millar  |  Published by Western Heritage Centre

Nancy Millar tells the story of the five famous Alberta women who undertook one of the greatest legal coups ever to be carried out. Complete with courtroom drama, stories of love and hate, temptation and triumph. She writes from the perspective of a 21st century historian and acknowledges that these five women helped change the world in ways we take for granted today.

To learn more, contact admin@famous5.ca.

More books on the Famous Five

100 Canadian Heroines: Famous & Forgotten Faces by Merna Forster

The Persons Case: The Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood by Robert J. Sharpe and Patricia I. McMahon

Extraordinary Canadians: Nellie McClung by Charlotte Gray