History lessons, readings, videos  and other resources for students to learn about the Famous Five and the history of Women's Suffrage in Canada.


The History section includes an in depth description of the "Persons" Case, a timeline of events and information regarding the other achievements of these women. Students will be able to get most of the information needed for the lessons in this section. There are links to other resources included to help students answer any questions they may have. 

Famous FIVE Profiles 

Together, they are known as the Famous Five—the women who struggled to have women declared "persons" so they could be appointed to the Canadian Senate. Individually, each was a prominent leader in her own right. On the following pages, we will meet Emily Murphy, Henrietta Muir Edwards, Louise McKinney, Irene Parlby and Nellie McClung.

We will learn about their private lives, as well as their public involvements and achievements. We will also learn about the major causes of the day, and why they were important. Through the Famous Five individual writings and additional sources,  we will also learn first-hand impressions bring to light the conventions, stereotypes, hardships and dreams so many women in western Canada shared. In addition there is a photo gallery to help students put a face to the names they are learning about. 


A list of terms and vocabulary for students to review.


These puzzles will help the student learn about the Famous Five in a fun and educational manner.