The following lesson plans are adapted from the Nation Builders resource guide.

 Within this group are three lesson plans for both elementary and junior/senior high school students. Look for those lesson plans that relate to your class curriculum.

These plans guide you through four steps, beginning with having students brainstorm ideas that relate to each topic and finishing with understanding the importance of what they have learned. You may wish to adapt these exercises to your specific classroom needs and available resources. 


Junior/Senior High Lessons

The following lesson plans for elementary students can be used to meet a variety of curriculum objectives 

Elementary Lessons

The following lesson plan for elementary students can be use to met a variety of curriculum objectives 


This entertaining three-minute video was developed to introduce school-age children to the story of the Famous Five women, and can be used in classroom settings to kick off lessons or stimulate discussion.

Binaural Audio Experience 

This is a six minute 3D audio experience that works best with headphones. Students will get to listen to one of the most important conversations ever to happen in Canada.


The Spirit of the Famous Five asks us to be inspired by the courage of The Famous Five and encourages us to look around our world today and take action when we can.

Lyrics sheet (22KB .doc)

The Ballad of the Famous Five tells the story of the struggle to win the Person’s Case on October 18, 1929. 

Lyrics sheet (22KB .doc)

Songs used with permission from Carolyn Harley. For more information visit