If you have the skills and time to lend, a passion for empowering girls and women, and enjoy the opportunity to network and learn from others, we'd love it if you joined us.



Fund Development Committee Member

Role Description

Work alongside the other Fund Development ("FD") Committee members and the Board of Directors to raise funds for the Famous 5 Foundation programs, such as the Future5 Girls Leadership program. Methods of fundraising includes Direct Mail, Email, Phone, Grant Proposals and Face-to-Face asks. 

Time Commitment

This committee requires a 3 hour/month commitment, which includes 1 meeting/month either in person or by phone. 

Key Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly FD meetings and sometimes carry out additional work from home
  • Assist in preparing solicitation materials as well as be prepared to do follow-up calls or letters
  • Assist in preparing stewardship materials
  • Work with Marketing Committee or third party organizations to send out solicitations
  • Provide insight and feedback, open doors on donor prospects that are on the F5F master prospect list
  • Provide other names of individuals and companies that would be interested in supporting the campaigns
  • Provide advice on donor prospect connections that will help the F5F Fund Development Committee accurately map relationships to identify the best person to make contact with a potential donor
  • Accompany members of the Board of Directors to solicit gifts with potential donors
  • Meet with the FD Committee Chair in person or by phone to review current prospect list and to develop strategies to specific donor prospects


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Social Communications Volunteer, Marketing COMMITTEE

Role Description

  • Volunteer will help maintain (and ideally grow) the social presence of The Famous 5 Foundation on the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This includes both posting and engaging with other users (following and responding to their posts or messages directed at the foundation). In some cases content will be provided when it relates to promoting events or programs, but often it will need to be conceptualized, curated and/or created by the volunteer.
  • Live-post at events such as the Speaker Series events, Youth Awards Ceremony and Workshops. This includes tickets to all events, but the focus will be on the live communications, which may mean missing out on some of the entertainment value.

Time Commitment 

  • Each platform should feature at least weekly posts on Facebook and Instagram and daily posts on Twitter
  • There will be approximately 10 events per year (mainly lunch and evening events) which will require live coverage
  • Attend monthly Marketing Committee meetings

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Completed (or in pursuit of) post-secondary education in the field of writing, communications or marketing
  • Competence in operating Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Competence in operating other social media accounts such as LinkedIn
  • Graphic design skills (ability to use a program such as InDesign, Photoshop or other image creation/editing tool
  • Competence in maintaining and updating websites


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